Klibe Assetmanagement software (current version 2.1.16)
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Klibe is freeware


Klibe is a unique asset management software product, first released mid-2010, now released as version 2. This later version uses the open-source SQLite3 database server-less engine. Klibe requires no separate SQL server, significantly simplifying its installation. The software is installed using a standard setup.exe package

Using Klibe, a user can make an inventory of virtually anything.

Example uses:
- Household inventory, employee relocation inventory, insurance inventory, valuable items inventory
- Collections - art, wine, toys, old books, new books, DVDs CDs, documents, tools,fonts, cars, magazines
- Catalogue listings such as an entire country's stamp issues and associated philatelic products
- Farm livestock, other animal records.

Each asset entry includes the following as a minimum:
- Unique ID
- Asset type
- Description (up to 1000 characters)
- Current value (in user's choice of currency).

In addition, each asset entry can contain any of the following:
- Catalogue #, serial #, ISBN, VIN or other identifying mark issued when asset made, issued or created
- Year made issued or created, year purchased, acquisition cost in any currency replica watches, cost in user's home currency
- Date of most recent asset valuation
- From whom asset acquired, where it is stored and if necessary, a 5000 character longer description
- Unlimited links to any of the user's files that relate to the asset - receipt, photo, instruction manual, provenance etc.

All reference tables such as asset types, currencies, suppliers, replica watches storage location etc are fully customisable.

The software comes with a demonstration dataset to help new users explore Klibe's features.

Klibe is a Windows-based product.