1958 Jaguar XK150 Fixed Head Coupé RHD - S824294DN


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I first had a close-up look at an XK150 in Melbourne in 1968. It just happened to be a fixed head coupe, in British Racing Green. Forty five years later and after owning five Jaguar saloons, I purchased a 1958 XK150 FHC in Sydney in October 2013.

The car had had three owners in UK in the period 1958-1967. In 1967, the car was sold in UK to a fourth owner. That owner shipped the car to South Africa in 1968. The car was used regularly until 1976, when its odometer read ~90,000 miles. The fourth owner carried out a minor restoration, which included zeroing the odometer for an unknown reason. The car then had little use until the car was bought in 1995 by its fifth owner, an Australian living in South Africa. The odometer reading in 1995 was ~200 miles.

Over the period 1996-99, with the odometer reading 1250 miles, the fifth owner undertook a complete off-chassis restoration of the entire body, suspension and engine. The car's Sherwood Green colour was changed to British Racing Green. The car was re-registered in South Africa in May 2000. The car was shipped to Australia by the fifth owner in 2001, with the odometer reading 1807 miles.

At the time of my purchase, the odometer read 5,653 miles. The car had its original engine including head, and its original Moss gearbox and Laycock DeNormanville overdrive.

The car has been driven nearly 14,000 km since my purchase. The car was driven from Sydney to the Jaguar national rallies in Melbourne Vic in 2014 (2000km return), Caloundra Qld in 2015 (2100km), Port Stephens NSW in 2016 (450km), Tanunda SA in 2018 (2800km) and Albury-Wodonga on the NSW-Vic border in 2019 (1200km).

Included in this website are details of my experience in undertaking the installation of a new Tremec T5 gearbox in the car, and the subsequent rebuilding of the Moss gearbox/ overdrive temporarily removed from the car.

In 2018, I decided to remove the rear axle to have it rebuilt by an expert at a Sydney differential workshop. I made the decision only after I confirmed that I could source a new crown wheel (ring gear) and pinion for the car.

Due to poor braking performance of the original 1958 Dunlop round pad disc brakes (with corrosion-prone retractor pins), the brake calipers were replaced in 2016 with modern-design, UK-sourced disc brake components. The front are four-pot, rear are two-pot, with all wheels fitted with standard Jaguar pads.

To increase braking performance, in 2017, a PBR VH40 booster unit was fitted. The VH40 has a diaphragm area 20% larger than the original Girling piston-type booster.

After modern electronics were discretely fitted to the clock in 2014, the clock works and ticks just like it did when the car left the factory 60 years ago. Combined with the beautiful tan leather fitted to the car interior in 1998, the cabin looks, sounds and smells just like it should!












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