New first gear stop rivet
Deforming the rivet using the 2nd gear operating sleeve
Final sizing of rivet head

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Now you are ready to deform the rivet in the synchro sleeve. Fit the rivet to the synchro sleeve so that the flat face is at right angles to the gearbox axis. Use a *tiny* amount of adhesive under the rivet head if needed to keep the flat face perpendicular.

Fit the synchro sleeve and the rivet into the operating sleeve. Place the asembly on a piece of hardwood or aluminium sheet on a firm surface (a concrete floor is good place!) Then with two small narrow cold chisels, or a flat blade screwdriver and a narrow cold chisel, deform the rivet shank with a hammer.





Now remove the synchro sleeve from the operating sleeve. Place the synchro sleeve in a vice and carefully file the top of the rivet head by a very small amount, testing it as you go until it slides without binding under the relieved tooth in the operating sleeve.




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