Assembling the gearbox
Hollow dummy layshaft

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Not having a spare layshaft for the gearbox re-assembly, I was faced with having to rely on holding the 58 layshaft needle rollers in place inside the cluster gear using a heavy grease. As I did not want to have to rush the re-assembly of the gearbox, and did not want the needle rollers to gradually drop out of place, I decided to make up a dummy layshaft using a 30cm long section of 25mm diameter x 3mm wall hollow aluminium tube. A 30cm length of tube was easily found on eBay, and I used a local automotive reconditioning shop to turn the tube:

OD: 24.81mm
(Real layshaft is 0.979" or 24.84mm OD)

Length of dummy layshaft: 20.4mm (8.03")

Unfortunately, the machining was expensive, and the total cost of the dummy layshaft was just under ~$100.

To complement the hollow layshaft, I used a 450mm length of 10mm stainless steel rod to allow easier manipulation of the cluster gear into position when inserting the real layshaft already bolted into the rear alloy extension. (See also the tip about using a soft strap under the layshaft at the rear end.)

hollow layshaft