Adapted puller to remove the mainshaft rear bearing
- - Tool to remove and install rear mainshaft bearing circlip

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Puller adapter
How to use a standard 75mm (3") puller to remove the rear mainshaft bearing from an overdrive gearbox. Use four sections of 25mm x 1.5mm aluminium bar and bolts to suit.


$2 circlip tool

I bought a 50mm welding clamp, removed the plastic cover on each jaw, and drilled a 2.5mm hole in each jaw, close to both the end of the jaw, and to one edge of the jaw, as shown in the photo.

I then filed each end of the rear main bearing circlip to form an acute angle, as shown in the photos.

The end result was a tool that could be successfully used to both remove the large circlip, and reinstall it in the bearing groove later. The small holes are used only during refitting of the circlip.

Along the way, I found it easier to use the tool if the spring in the tool was removed and a new pin inserted as the hinge.

circlip ends 



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