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O-ring for reverse gear spindle

Spindle diameter: 0.810" (20.57mm or nominally 13/16" = 0.813")
O-ring recess minor diameter: 0.640" (16.26mm or nominally 41/64")
    Originally held felt sealing ring sealed by gasket sealant (maybe!)
O-ring depth 0.085" (2.16mm) suits 3/32" section O-ring
O-ring recess width: 0.171" (4.34mm)

O-ring suggested: V75-114
Nominally:13/16" OD x 5/8" ID x 3/32" section

O-ring for layshaft spindle

Spindle diameter: 0.978" (24.84mm)
O-ring sits in ~45 degree chamfered recess in alloy extension
O-ring recess diameter max: About 1.38" (not measured during rebuild)

O-ring suggested: V75-214
Nominally:1-1/4" OD x 1" ID x 1/8" section

O-ring for oil filter cannister

O-ring suggested: V75-151
 Nominally 3"ID x 3-3/16"OD x 3/32")

Suggested O-ring and gasket etc sealant

Permatex non-hardening #2 (use sparingly on both sides of gearbox O-rings)


Jaguar drawing - original felt seal on layshaft

Click for original drawing

(Drawing for felt seal on reverse gear spindle not available)


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