XK150 FHC Removing T5 via cabin

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The photos show one way to remove the T5 from the cabin, without disturbing the engine, assuming the prop shaft tunnel modifications have been completed. Assume the T5 without the Jaguar bell housing weighs less than 40kg (88 lb).

All of this can be achieved by one person.

For stage 1, a weight-bearing rig is set up using the following:

  • Temporary flooring on each side of the T5. Use melamine-faced particle board or a similar low-friction board.

  • Three 25mm (1") square steel tubes 800mm long (31")

  • Aluminium spacer bar to hold all-thread rods in place

  • Three M8 or 5/16" all-thread rods and washers, nuts

  • Two steel clamps (DIY!) to grip each side of the T5 case at the front end

  • Light steel chain and small shackles

  • Timber bearers 400mm long and about 230mm high (9") with a base of about 150mm. Screw in a protruding screw into the end of each bearer to ensure the two 25mm tubes can never unintentionally slide off the bearers.

All of the above are used to take the weight of the gearbox and eventually to allow the whole rig and T5 to be slid rearwards on the temporary floor boards, adjusting the height and angle of the T5 as needed as the T5 is moved back and lifted gradually upwards.

Two of the 800mm long square tubes are bolted together with a 9 mm (11/32") gap. The two front M8 all-thread rods hang down from these, and are attached to the T5 case with a clamp on each side. The 9mm gap between the two tubes allows lateral movement and hence precise alignment of the gearbox during both removal and refitting.

The third square tube has a 9mm hole drilled in its centre, and from this hole the third M8 all-thread rod is suspended to take the weight of the rear of the T5 using a light steel chain.

For stage 2, an engine crane with a 100x50mm timber extension mounted on the boom is used from the non-driver's side. The timber add-on should extend the boom, already fully extended, by a further 1100 mm (44"). I loaded tested the extended boom for both static weight and overturning resistance using a 100kg (220 lb) load.

Using soft straps and various bits of lifting gear, the weight of the T5 is transferred to the engine crane, and the T5 is moved even further rearwards and upwards, and then out of the car.

Reinstalling the T5 is exactly the reverse.


On all-thread rig, ready to detach T5 from adapter plate by removing four 1/2" UNC capscrews


Still on all-thread rig, slid rearwards and upwards, almost ready to atach to extended crane boom


On extended crane boom, this time being re-fitted to car


On all-thread rig again, ready to lower and move forwards

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