XK150 Modifying the kit gear level adapter

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Here is a suggested way to modify the gear level adapter so that the original gear lever can be used and ...

  • It will not swivel in use as it does when fitted to the standard Moss gearbox (usually when selecting reverse).

  • It will be at the correct angle leaning forwards, so the presence of the T5 gearbox is not obvious if the original XK150 knob is used.

The changes do not preclude the XK150 gear lever later being used with the original gearbox.

First, how is the adapter mounted? The adapter is bolted with two M8 setscrews to the left side of the T5 gear lever stub, with the circular sleeve on the front side of the stub. Locknuts should be fitted to the M8 setscrews.

When the gear lever is installed and the carpet back in place, the presence of the T5 will be undetectable from inside the cabin.

The T5 gearbox selector is spring-centred from both the 1st-2nd and 5th-reverse planes to the central 3rd-4th plane. Take it from me that the canted-over XK150 lever will swivel in an un-modified adapter sleeve, and make easy gear changing difficult.


Step 1: Drill out the adapter, if needed, to accomodate the XK150 lever. (The lower part of the hole in my adapter sleeve was too small to accept the XK150 lever.) Then create two 1/4" UNF tapped holes in the lower end of the adapter sleeve, 180 degrees apart. In a matching position, file two 6-7mm wide x 1.2mm deep flats in the XK150 gear lever.

Step 2: The lower 8mm hole in the adapter plate has to be elongated to allow the XK150 gear lever to have the correct degree of "lean". The round lower hole in the adapter has to be elongated to the rear of the car, and upwards, allowing the gear lever to be positioned with less of a lean forward. And to further reduce the forwards lean, at the top, the weld at the top of the sleeve can be filed off to some extent.

Step 3:  To avoid having to rely solely on friction to hold the gear lever at the correct "lean", I fitted a 2mm thick steel insert into each adapter slot, and held these in place with Araldite prior to assembly. I made the inserts from a 10mm steel washer.

Step 4: Insert the gear lever into the adapter. I used eight pieces of brass shim 2mm wide by 20mm long to make the fit tight, as the top part of the hole in the adapter as supplied was larger than the XK150 lever diameter. Insert the two 1/4" UNF grub screws and lock the gear lever into the correct rotational position, leaning forward. Then fit the washer, castellated 5/16" BSF nut and the split pin to the bottom of the gear lever. 

Now the gear lever assembly is ready to be installed in the car after the gear lever stub is in place. The gear lever will never swivel again!



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